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Pet Grooming
At Mo's Place II, walk-ins are always welcome or, for your convenience, you may either call or schedule an appointment online from this website or our Facebook page. All baths and full grooms include ears, nails, anal glands, and double baths. We prefer to use natural, non-toxic grooming products, coat moisturizing, re-hydrating treatments, and medicated baths. Our natural de-shed treatments remove loose hair and undercoat, drastically reducing the amount of hair you have to vacuum for up to three months!

Mo's Place II Services
Dog Training
Training enhances your bond with your dog and makes living together that much more enjoyable. A well-trained dog inspires more confidence in both you and your dog. We do what we do to provide our clients with an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Mo's integrates any training goals with a DoggieDayCare program customized for your pet. We teach proper socialization and good manners, help with behavioral issues such as minor aggression, jumping and housebreaking. No issue is trivial and most behaviors can be corrected through experiences shared with other dogs.
Pet Nutrition
A good diet is essential for a healthy pet. When your pet has problems, supplements are helpful in supplying micro-nutrients to assist them in re-balancing to a healthy state. Certified nutritionist Mo Casiello uses a detailed questionnaire as part of her consultation to find the best approach to fill your pet’s needs. She also uses whole food supplements which have a high nutritional potency.

Body Balancing
Pamper your pet with gentle touch, acupressure, passive movement, and stretching techniques to release blocked energy that allows pet's bodies to rebalance for more comfort and well-being. By appointment only!
Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning
The fourth Friday of every month, our Hygienist is on-site to offer your pet excellent oral care with anesthesia-free teeth cleaning. By appointment only! So, schedule your pet's appointment today
Select Pet Accessories
We offer specially chosen products and  accessories that we feel can enhance your pet's quality of life.
4204 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807
Doggie Daycare
We now offer Doggie DayCare. Dogs are allowed to run free in our facility with proper supervision. All animals MUST be current on all vaccinations and pass a temperament test prior to being accepted. Space is limited so book early.